Wild | book nook

One of my absolute favorite things in this world is the kindness of strangers. When someone offers you a warm smile, a cheerful hello, a random act of kindness - big or small. When I smile at a stranger and get a smile in return, it genuinely makes my heart happy!

The story of Cheryl Strayed and her hike across the Pacific Crest Trail takes the simplicity of a kind stranger to a whole other level. Throughout the pages, those she meets, the relationships she builds, even though most are temporary, - it was really touching.

Cheryl's story is one I feel we all face at some point in our lives - trying to find who you are. Hiking for over a thousand miles is one way to do it. Her story was raw and real. This woman strikes me as one of few on this earth who dig deep into life instead of barely scratching the surface. And it is for that fact, I have a lot of respect for her.

This book rang true for what it's all about, in my opinion. Finding yourself and your way in this great big old world. Being true to yourself. Finding peace with what is, and what never will be. Searching for what truly matters, and holding on tight once discovery is made. And above all else, - fiercely living.

Absolutely recommend this book. Do yourself a favor and read the book instead of only watching the movie. Though the movie was good, I feel it can't compare to the details the book really explains!

My favorite quote from within the pages -
"There's no way to know what makes one thing happen and not another. What leads to what. What destroys what. What causes what to flourish or die or take another course."