A Land More Kind Than Home, a review | book nook


A great book and a great story about how faith can be used as a weapon. How some people can take something good and pure and turn it into something nasty. 

The opening scene will suck you in immediately - a small town North Carolina pastor (who's certifiably insane, in my opinion) (and yes, this story hit close to home and my NC roots) this pastor, who takes a copperhead snake and hands it to an elderly woman in the middle of a high intensity sermon, and has her hold it as "a sign of strong faith"... results in this trusting woman being struck twice by the snake and dying. But of course, she can't die or be found dead at his church, no. He takes her to her home and leaves her body in her garden, so that to authorities, this looks like a random accident by a passing snake. 

Sounds intense yes? It was. My blood was boiling. And when I say that this book hit close to my Carolina roots, I mean that. Though, thank goodness, I have never been exposed to a person as crazy as this pastor who uses faith to such an extreme. For all the good and holy that comes from churches, there are sometimes dark things that come from them as well. And why?? because abusing the trust and faith of people is just something that happens. 

This opening scene isn't the end, many more things occur, and many more people get taken advantage of. I can't say the end was good, or bad, or any one thing in particular - it was just how the story ended. 

Worth reading? Yeah!