A House in the Sky - book review | book nook

I knew the basis of this memoir, A House in The Sky, before I picked it up - young female journalist working in Somalia is abducted and held for 460 days as a prisoner. That alone made me so eager to read the story. 

The fact that she was female and my assumption that her captors were likely male made my mind race over the ideas of all she likely endured during those days. To say the least, it's every horrible thing you can imagine plus some. 

The insanely unreal, yet somehow real story of Amanda Lindhout will haunt you. Admittedly, I felt at first judgmental. Kind of - you knew the risk, you put yourself in danger type of judgmental. But those feelings faded fairly quickly for me when her life as a prisoner began. By then I just felt so sorry for her. And I can tell you that if you read this book - you will constantly, over most every page - wonder and ask yourself, how on earth did she survive. 

My feminist tendencies flared up several times. It sickens me the ways women are treated simply because they are women. And while I know this happens every day all over the world, I'm still thankful it isn't nearly as horrific in America as it is in so many third world countries. 

Do I recommend the book? Oh absolutely. 
This was a book I devoured, couldn't put down, and won't ever forget.