The story of Noah, my four-legged cat-child

As soon as I walked into the doorway of the shelter - I saw him. In the #9 run. The "bad run" - the only one of the runs that was used for cats, and only the cats that the shelter planned to put to sleep. My heart shattered. WHY was he in there. I already knew why - but it just wasn't right. That same day, just that morning - he had been one of the several selected to be put down. The shelter was too full of cats at the moment, and it was simply their standard procedure. As someone who loves animals like children and family - it makes me sick and breaks my heart, but I know these things (and worse) exist in this world. The vet on duty that morning had my sweet baby Noah in hand, ready to put him down, when he paused. Thank the good Lord for a vet with a heart!! He decided to give this tiny, fuzzy, blue-eyed baby one more day, just in case. Soon after, was when I got the call.... "There's a kitten here that almost lost his life this morning, and I think he's perfect for you.."

When I walked in that evening, after hours - already knowing about Noah's existence and with the full intention of getting him - I'm pretty sure I skipped those last few steps to that #9 run, I think I flew across the room. All the other "wild and hostile" cats in there with him were essentially taking turns beating him up - as he was the most gentle, not wild in the least, poorest little thing. He didn't belong in there, it was just bad timing. I opened the top half of the run, leaned down without hesitation and scooped him up. He was shaking. He was wet. He was bloody from having the crap beat out of him from the other cats. He was covered in fleas. And he was terrified.

I held him close right away, snuggled him and told him it was over - he was safe. And to this day, I 100% believe he knew it.

Wow you guys, this blogpost started off rough!! I would be lying if I said I made it through the above without getting choked up haha. GOODNESS GRACIOUS. It's rough but it's real. It's the real story of how I came to get this sweet, sweet baby Noah of mine, and I wanted to share it with you all because he's every bit my child, my family, and I love him to pieces!

For those of you that love animals as fiercely as I - you'll get it. I wholeheartedly believe there are certain people put on this earth to love and care for animals in the way that other people are here to love and care for children. We're a select group, but I know we exist!

Noah's little life started off so shaky, and I'm so gosh-dang thankful that I found him when I did. He's been with me now for 10 years - we just celebrated his 10th birthday this past weekend!! His birthday is a total estimate by me - based on his size when I rescued him, and the fact that 3 is my favorite number - September 3rd is my baby's birthday :)

From the moment I brought him home with me that fateful day, he was the sweetest, most loving little guy I had ever met. Though, at first - he was so small, it was a little hard to decipher if he was indeed a boy. And that brings us to the story of his name. I decided that his name would be "Noah", if he truly were a boy...and if he ended up a girl, I'd casually transition over to "Nora", and hope he wouldn't notice the difference ;) 


He loved the warmth of the laptop and he loved (and still loves) laying on my lap. He was curious, playful, and loved drinking water from the kitchen faucet. 


I started Noah off sleeping with me - he was and still is the most awesome snuggler. As a kitten, I was afraid of squishing him, so I always slept with this tiny little ball of fur on my chest. Now, 10 years and 12lbs later.......he thinks my chest is still his bed.

We lived together in NC for about a year and a half - my last year and a half in North Carolina, those southern roots of mine (and his!). He was my favorite and only thing I came home to most of that time, and he was the perfect companion.

He loved tearing up the rugs and laying under them, and he loved getting in the washing machine, pre-water of course. He loved (and still loves) bags. And he discovered a strong interest in flowers ;)


In March of 2008 we packed up and moved halfway across the US together - to good old Kansas City MO. And though we've bounced around a bit within KC, we're both perfectly settled now!


He loves shredding toilet paper from time to time..Shameful. He loves getting into anything - boxes, bags, wrapping paper, cabinets - You name it. In the classic cat line - "If I fits, I sits" - this is truly, one of Noah's mottos. 


When I first met Wes, it was seriously a monumental moment - Noah had to approve. The first time their paths crossed, Noah hopped up on Wes's lap - and it was settled! Never in Noah's life has there been someone who loves him as much as I do....until Wes. We've all lived together now for about 5 years - Apartment life, townhouse life, and now our first house together. Noah is a crazy-big part of our lives, and we wouldn't change a thing about it. He greets us at the door every time we come home. We tell him bye every time we leave the house. He gets carried to bed by Wes every night. He follows us from room to room, no matter what. We celebrate his birthday every single year - party hats and all! He gets a stack of Christmas gifts every year, and even has his own mini-stocking that hangs with ours :) 

When we went on our honeymoon in 2012 to Playa del Carmen - We brought Noah back a Mexican sombrero, naturally.  


I love this kid SO much, even I know it's a little crazy. But I don't care one bit. He knows he's my baby, and sometimes I think he forgets he's a cat. He loves to be held like a baby - I'm talking full-on cradled in our arms, on his back. He loves to lay on my lap, and at night in bed he snuggles my face, always desperate to have his face as close to mine as possible. And he likes to touch my face gently with his front paws. He head-butts my chin, face, and arms like there's no tomorrow. But he saves his best ankle and leg headbutts for Wes. 

Oh, and this is how he sits sometimes... 

Wes and I can both agree that some of our biggest laughs on a regular basis are the result of Noah and his antics. He's full of life, and super playful. Though in true cat nature, he also loves napping several hours of the day - especially if there's a good sun puddle coming through a window! 

He loves a good box - any size will do. In the winter, he loves laying by the fireplace for so long and so close that we check him to make sure he's still breathing - true story, haha. 

He loves his Fancy Feast, and begins crying for it like clockwork every single day, around 5pm. We keep 2 bowls of water for him in the house, and he's been known on many occasions to sit by it, and drink it by dipping a paw in, and then licking his paw. Sometimes he thinks he's a raccoon, apparently. 

He's the subject of my Instagram a lot, here are some of my favorites - 

Naturally.... He has many nicknames - 


I could really keep this post going for days you guys! Is it clear by now just how much I love this kid?? I've never ever had a pet that I've had such a strong bond with, like I do with this little turd - but I know I'm not alone! And thank goodness there are others in this world who understand that! Animals are simply not just animals. Their feelings are real, their personalities are real. They show love and affection in their own ways, just like humans. 


For his recent birthday, I decided that at the big 10 years of age, he needed to wear a bow tie. He's a pretty distinguished guy, after all ;)


You can call me a crazy-cat-lady if you want, I won't take offense :) But now you definitely know, I loveeee cats. Especially my little Noah. And now, you know his precious story! 

And because I wouldn't be doing my due-diligence without saying so - You guys! Adopt and rescue! It's so worth it, so rewarding, and sooooo important! And I can promise you, those babies won't ever forget that you saved their lives :)