Kansas City September Wedding, Shoal Creek // Amanda + Ryan

A sunny day in September that Amanda and Ryan had been looking forward to had finally arrived. In a little Catholic Church in Kearney, Missouri....they got ready for the day, separately, with the support of their friends and family. 

With butterflies in their stomachs and eager hearts in their chests...Amanda came down the aisle. Between holy vows, deep promises, tears of joy, and the few stealing glances they made at one another - with looks that said "We're getting married!"...these two tied the knot. 

In that same bright sunshine that they woke up to, they exited the church in as well....combined with a huge sea of rice excitedly being tossed their way, Amanda + Ryan came out of those church doors two people who had just become something so much more, something that binds them as one. JOY is the word that comes to mind seeing these two in the moments after their special wedding day ceremony!