Deer Creek Bridal Show | First Bridal Show SUCCESS!

Well folks, I more than survived my first bridal show! I had a wonderful time!!

One week ago today I was out at the fantastic Deer Creek Golf Club for their bridal/wedding show, and as I previously mentioned - it was my first ever bridal show as a wedding photographer! I definitely went into this feeling slightly intimidated, mostly clueless. But now I can look back and say that everything fell into place! 

For future reference, I learned that I, - 
A: Do not need to arrive so early! I had my booth set up so quickly and then had nothing to do but wait. And I hate waiting.
B: Take way more canvas prints of my work! Those other photographers brought their A GAME, and though I definitely had a few, a few just doesn't cut it!
C: Purchase some Dr. Scholl's inserts for my favorite boots.

The really, really good news is that I had several brides interested in my photography services! I met so many lovely ladies all very excited for their upcoming weddings, and that excitement is so contagious! I also got to see not one, but two of my own brides for this year! Always good to see their smiling faces and know that I get to be a part of their biggest day soon!

Aside from meeting wonderful brides, their fiance's, and families - I also hit the jackpot on meeting other wedding professionals! Deer Creek set me up in a perfect spot, putting me next to a DJ who I now absolutely love! Across the room from me was a splendid invitation designer who is just the sweetest gal! And I also met a photographer duo of ladies who I really hit it off with! Needless to say, I think I made some wonderful new friends! And now I'll have other wedding professionals who I feel comfortable referring my brides to! Or, referring brides to another photographer when I am already booked! So many WINS!!! :) 

Here is a photo of my booth all set up! This is an iPhone pic people, no judgement.

I of course did also have that drawing at my booth I previously mentioned - for TWO WINNERS to win discounts on wedding collections from me! 
Here are my entries!!

Anddddddd there, rightttt there on those 2 pieces of paper are my TWO WINNERS! AHHH!!!
These lovely ladies will be notified of their winnings by email, so if you came by my booth, and you entered - click refresh repeatedly in your email to see if you won!! ;)


I feel just like Oprah! YOU WIN A DISCOUNT! andddd YOU WIN A DISCOUNT!
Drawing names was too much fun. Addictive really. 

So addictive in fact.

That I decided...


To ALL that entered! - Thank you so, so much for coming by and chatting with me that evening! 

To say I enjoyed this would be an understatement :) Now that my first bridal show is under my belt, I'm really excited for all the shows in my future!!