Featured with The Blooming Photographer

Ever feel like you just need a reminder that you are EXACTLY where you are supposed to be? Especially in self-ownership of a business... We all do, from time to time, it's totally natural and totally part of this lifestyle.

It goes a step further if you are an introvert, sometimes we need an even bigger reminder of that fact, and also a reminder that you CAN be successful even if you are an introvert! 

Melissa, owner and founder of The Blooming Photographer, and also owner of a successful photography business here in the Midwest has set out to really spread these types of messages, my friends. 

She shares helpful and educational posts, she runs a private Facebook group, and she spotlights photographers, like myself, who would love to offer up our views and opinions on things we've learned along the way of running a business as an introvert!

Last month, Melissa featured myself and my business in her new series, Be Inspired, and if you'd love to read all about things such as -

  • Roadblocks I feel I have faced in my business!
  • As an introvert, what has been the most difficult part of growing my business!
  • My biggest lesson learned in year one!
  • What keeps me motivated!
  • What's in my camera bag!

.....to name seriously just a few! You can visit the below link, or click the below image to go visit Melissa's post!! 


The Blooming Photographer Series - Be Inspired: Meet Elizabeth Ladean Photography