Destination Wedding Photography at Wildcliff // Amanda + Michael

Let’s talk about that girl Amanda, marrying that guy, Michael.

The guy she hated when she first met him — anybody would hate their hardcore Naval training instructor though, let's be honest. That guy whom she learned had a softer side beneath that on-the-job tough exterior. That guy who now wears the wedding band that belonged to her grandfather, and the fact that it fits him perfectly makes him all the more the right guy for her.

On her wedding day, this girl's Mom made sure she knew if her Dad could be there, he would be. She made certain that it was clear, he was watching from up above. And she made sure that girl had more than one dance with fatherly figures who helped raise her.

This girl here, on her summer wedding day, slipped into a beautiful non-traditional wedding dress, while her guy sat outside just itching to see her. On the day they tied the knot, Amanda and Michael frolicked in the grass, spun in childlike circles, drifted across the water in a canoe, climbed a ladder to a cave, made out on a raft, and they stood on the edge of a cliff — all while being completely 100% enamored by each other, as per usual.

When you realize the fam is totally creeping on your first look moment :)

I can assure you……I was FREAKING OUT during these…

From laughing….to crying…..I love it all!

When sweet Grandma needs a minute to offer her congratulations — oh how I LOVE these moments on a wedding day!

Love these two and their adventurous ways!

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