Coffeeshop Love and City Views, Kansas City Engagement Photos // Amanda + Michael

They first met at a time when the timing just wasn't right, and Amanda let two whole years pass before finally looking Michael up on Facebook. A friend request was sent by her, a DM was sent by him, and after a whole lot of messages, phone calls and texts, they finally reunited in person.

And the timing was all sorts of right.

Later on, during a trip to Angel Fire, New Mexico they went up on a scenic mountain hike and Michael was sweating bullets — not from the hike, not from the elevation, but from the fact that he'd been hiding a ring box from Amanda for over a week. When Amanda squatted down to take a photo, Michael saw an opportunity to squat down beside her. And when Amanda stood back up, Michael did not.

He wasted no time with a big long speech and instead went straight to the most important question of all! And good news for him….Amanda said YES!!

Crazy obsessed with these two!

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