College Hill Park Engagement | Katelyn & Andrew

When I first sat down with Katelyn and Andrew months ago, I had two thoughts at the forefront of my mind. 1. Jeez these guys are tall! and 2. Jeez these guys are AWESOME. They're still tall - like, bring my step-ladder kind of tall. But their awesome factor? Oh it's not only still there, but it has grown so, so much. 

I learned at our initial meeting that Andrew proposed to Katelyn at the same park where Andrew's Dad proposed to his Mom many moons ago. College Hill Park in Wichita Kansas seemed like the only place to do K&A's engagement session - and so it was!

The story goes a little deeper than that though, and it's so precious, I have to share it. This park is a place K&A have spent a lot of time together. Walks, picnics, park-bench talks about their happiness and future. The day Andrew planned to propose, Katelyn actually had an out-of-town trip with her sorority later on. Little did she know, but Andrew had wiggled her out of that trip. He picked her up and they went to the zoo, just for a little fun together before Katelyn went out of town. But then Katelyn was given something unexpected. A box - with a new dress, a bottle of wine, and a note. 

They went to the park and Andrew presented Katelyn with something else - a new Bible, in which he had had her first name, and future last name embossed on the front. Because as if these two can't get anymore awesome, they also have a fierce love for God that is present in most everything they do and say.

Then, Andrew presented Katelyn with the biggest things of all - His devotion. His heart forever. A promise as big as the world. And a beautiful ring. 

Oh, and did I mention he had also gotten tons of her friends and family to be there, - hidden behind the bridge to watch it all unfold? 

These two incredible people are going to be saying their vows in front of friends and family in what I can only guess will be a magical ceremony on New Year's Eve, and I absolutely cannot wait to document it all. 

Katelyn & Andrew - I can't thank you guys enough for making me the lucky girl with the camera who gets the honor of documenting your story. It's already been so wonderful, I know NYE is going to be out of this world amazing! And I can't wait!

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Under the very tree where Andrew proposed!!   

Under the very tree where Andrew proposed!! 

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