3-Month Lifestyle Session | Baby Sam

Baby Sam!! You guys might remember this little booger, but look at how much he has changed!! Beth and Evan invited me back into their home to continue in our first year photo sessions of Baby Sam, and this time, he's a whopping 3 months old!

We really did start with him fully clothed, but none of us can resist him in a diaper only! Those rolls! That precious baby chunk! :)

Beth and Evan have a pretty cool striped chair in their living room which serves as a great spot for photos with perfect lighting! I think we'll have to use that each time to show how much bigger Sam keeps getting! 

At 3-months Sam nailed the quizzical looks, the curious stares, and I even got a smile!  Definitely can't wait to see how much he continues to change!!

Kansas City Lifestyle Photographer-Moon_1976.jpg
Kansas City Family Photographer-MoonFam_1923.jpg
Kansas City Family Photographer-MoonFam_1930.jpg
Kansas City Family Photographer-MoonFam_1924.jpg
Kansas City Family Photographer-MoonFam_1928.jpg

Staring up at hims Mama :)

Kansas City Family Photographer-MoonFam_1922.jpg
Kansas City Family Photographer-MoonFam_1929.jpg
Kansas City Family Photographer-MoonFam_1931.jpg
Kansas City Family Photographer-MoonFam_1926.jpg
Kansas City Family Photographer-MoonFam_1925.jpg