West Bottoms, Kansas City Engagement | Makayla + Curtis

They go way back, like way way back. All the way, in fact, to elementary school. Makayla's Mom spent years saying "Don't you date that boy, not him, not that one." - having a jaded and wrongful impression of Curtis. But Makayla knew, he's not like what she thinks. And Makayla was right. 

They started off as the best of friends, though it didn't take Curtis long to declare how he really felt, Makayla still kept a safe distance, maintaining why risk messing up their incredible friendship. It wasn't until their senior year of high school that these two began dating, and Curtis proved Makayla's Mom wrong - which she couldn't be happier about, and loves to now say that Curtis is the best thing that ever happened to her daughter. 

These two took on the world together, stood by one another's side through the best of times, and the not so great times. They created a life for the two of them, and then welcomed 2 sweet little boys who are their whole world.

Makayla's grandma - sensing where all of this was leading - made the decision to give her a very old diamond ring, the exact ring in fact, with which Makayla's grandfather first proposed to her with several years ago. And, per Makayla, in true Curtis fashion - after that ring sat in her jewelry box for years, he finally got down on one knee with it in hand - on their bedroom floor, and asked Makayla to keep on keeping on with him for the rest of their lives. 

These two are tying the knot in June of this year, and after having spent just one evening with them for their engagement session - I'm already so crazy about them as a couple, their personalities, and their love story, that I really can't wait for their wedding day!