The Wedding Experience - A Bridal Guide for Elizabeth Ladean Brides

There has been a whole lot going on behind the scenes lately as I've been in that lovely little lull between the first and second half of wedding season! I had a mile-long list of things I wanted to accomplish before my schedule gets chaotic again, and I did them all!!

One of the biggest - wait no, who am I kidding, THE biggest thing on that list is the thing I'm here to chat about today, and yayyyyy woooooooo I am excited! GUYS! After wanting to create this for sooo long and thinking I'd never be able to get it done, and after pouring about a months worth of time into it... It IS DONE! 

Introducing - 

The Wedding Experience - a guide exclusively for Elizabeth Ladean Brides!


My new ELP brides, get ready! SO excited about this, friends! What this is, is a 70-page online magazine that houses an absolute wealth of information!! As a wedding photographer, I've seen a lot, and education can be such a great thing when you're planning your special day! SO, my sweet and oh so special brides will now have access to all my best advice, tips and tricks, do's and don'ts, and sooo much more! 

This magazine covers how to plan and prepare for the engagement session, outfit inspiration information, and what to expect after that fun time! It goes on to offer so many more details on planning your wedding - advice to save you time, money, and heartache with info all the way down to thinking about the best location for you and your girls to get ready at!

All the thoughts and plans that go into creating an ideal day-of timeline, what your day could look like whether you tie the knot in winter, spring, summer, or fall! And literally every single possible thing I could ever think to tell you about your big day - it's all there my friends. All of it! The magazine rounds out with a list of my favorite Kansas City vendors, because you need the best florals, food, DJ service and more!

SO one of my dear sweet brides who agreed to be a proofreader (thank you again, Miranda!) called this, "THE WEDDING BIBLE" - haha, I can't help but laugh, and agree! 

I'm so happy to now have this as a part of my wedding experience for the sweet girls I get to work with!