River Market Kansas City, Engagement Photos // Kelsie + Ryan

A trip together just to have fun, sight-see, and relax was the overall plan. Of course, Ryan had a slightly different plan. A sunny day out on a boat, in the Rocky Mountain National Park - things couldn’t have been going more swimmingly, no pun intended. Both were enjoying drinks and each other’s wonderful company, Kelsie busy snapping pics on her phone for Instagram and Ryan….carefully, sneakily, pulling a ring box out of his pocket…just a few seconds into his actual plan.

They had been together for several years already up to that point — resulting in a lot of “FINALLY!” remarks from their family and friends once they got engaged, but I think it’s pretty clear, and so did Ryan’s nephew, when his initial response was “I thought you two were already married” — Kelsie and Ryan are just that type of couple who you assume have been together for ages, who know each other so well, who are so perfectly perfect together that it’s easy to assume they were married long before they were even engaged.

Absolutely adore the heck out of these two!