River Market Kansas City Engagement Photos | Brooke + Darren

Oh Brooke and Darren....two easy going, laid back and crazy-in-love souls. Choosing Kansas City's infamous River Market for their engagement session was the easiest choice ever. Seeing as how this is totally their stomping ground. An area that holds a whole lot of meaning for them, and feelings of "home" to them. Atop their apartment building overlooking the market itself is the exact spot Darren tried to "trick" Brooke into going up to one evening. His efforts didn't quite pan out....apparently the second he suggested it, Brooke knew what was happening. And, like most times with a woman's intuition, she was right. 

On that rooftop, in a place so familiar and special to them, and in a moment neither of them will soon forget, Darren went to one knee and asked Brooke to marry him.

These two are planning an elopement, something small and intimate, and oh so special. I'm so thankful to have gotten the chance to meet these guys, and shoot engagement photos for them! Sometimes you'll find a couple of gems out there in this old world, and that's exactly what Brooke and Darren are!