Outdoor Spring Wedding of Pinks + Grays at The Legacy // Staci + Caleb

He sent a handful of flowers up to the room for her that morning — fresh picked from their yard. Handwritten letters were exchanged and each read them independently, ironically pointing out that their letters had mirrored one anothers, a sign of meant-to-be if ya ask me.

Their sweet doggy Leo was there — loving the grass and ready for his own big debut. When the ceremony began, he trotted down the aisle like the good boy that he is. Once that pivitol ceremony was underway, Staci and Caleb stood before their families and friends and tied the knot, promises and vows, sealed it all up with a smooch, and then they exited in a sea of pink flower petals.

They danced and celebrated, and later spun in giggling circles - just the two of them - as the sun went down on their day. Just before the end of their night, their families and friends made two rows with glowing sparklers and Staci and Caleb celebrated their way through the line!

An all around amazing and beautiful day, so stinkin’ happy for these guys!!