An Outdoor October Wedding in Kansas | Ashlie + Michael

All of the planning and preparing and counting down the days had come to an end.....their wedding day was here! For early October, Ashlie and Michael had an absolutely gorgeous day. 

Their outdoor ceremony was full of blue skies, a soft breeze, support + love from friends and family, and best of all......each other. Ashlie and Michael stood and held hands, promised forever, joined tiny grains of sand, and sealed it all up with a kiss.

As they walked back down their aisle among cheers from family and friends, you could hear Ashlie shout "We're married!!!" to Michael, and both of their smiles stretched for endless miles!




A special thank you to a few of the amazing people behind this perfect day!

Venue | Deer Creek Golf Club
DJ | Howe Weddings


Photography | Elizabeth Ladean Photography | Instagram | Facebook

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