Northland Kansas City Family Photography // The K's

Oh this sweet and precious family!! Gary and Clare have three unbelievably beautiful daughters - I mean seriously, just look at them! And though all three girls are grown up, one can't help but wonder and imagine what their household was like raising 3 girls. Three giggling, squealing, happy, sometimes mad, playful, joyful little girls. I feel like it's an American dream :) 

Gary and Clare can now sit back and look at the amazingness their daughters have become. Each so independent, so level headed and brilliant. Each of them are charting their own course, their own path, and one of them just so happens to be getting married next year!

My meeting Shelby, and becoming her wedding photographer led me to meeting her family and getting the opportunity to do family photos for them, and though I very rarely do family photos in this capacity, I gotta admit...this evening in classic golden Kansas City sun was soooo much fun!