KC Senior Photography at Loose Park | Emma

She's a Kansas City high school track star with brown eyes that will surely stop traffic. She has an incredibly sweet disposition and eagerness for all that the future will bring her. She has a hilarious sense of humor, and a big love for her big dog, Benny. Guys and gals, meet Emma. 

Her senior year is going to speed right by, though I imagine her darling Mom, Stephanie, will be mentally pushing some kind of invisible brake system. I always hear they grow up so fast, and I can't imagine that being anything but incredibly true. 

Emma, Stephanie, doggy Benny and myself spent an evening together recently, documenting all the sides of Emma. The sweet, the sassy, the giggly and the serious. I'm basically obsessed with all of her images, and I'm so thrilled to share a few of my faves! 

Emma my dear, you are going to do amazing things!