Kansas City Family Photography | The J Family!

Are you really ready for the cuteness that is coming? 

I've known these two awesome people for a long time now, and I absolutely love these guys. I was the lucky photographer to capture Hollie and Saad during their pregnancy - when Hollie was simply glowing with new motherhood, and since then - these guys have welcomed one of the cutest babies I've ever seen into this old world! Baby Rooney was 6-months at the time of our session, and he pretty much owned the camera! 

From inquisitive stares, to drooling giggles, to insanely precious little smiles - this little guy had me firing at a rapid pace because every expression was too priceless! 

Hollie & Saad - I know there are future sessions in store and I already can't wait!! Thank you guys SO much!!

Kansas City Family Photographer-TheJ's-Aug_2115.jpg

Those EYES! 

Kansas City Family Photographer-TheJ's-Aug_2116.jpg
Kansas City Family Photographer-TheJ's-Aug_2118.jpg
Kansas City Family Photographer-TheJ's-Aug_2117.jpg
Kansas City Family Photographer-TheJ's-Aug_2121.jpg
Kansas City Family Photographer-TheJ's-Aug_2125.jpg
Kansas City Family Photographer-TheJ's-Aug_2123.jpg

Look at those toes!

Kansas City Family Photographer-TheJ's-Aug_2122.jpg

I mean really. 

Kansas City Family Photographer-TheJ's-Aug_2124.jpg
Kansas City Family Photographer-TheJ's-Aug_2135.jpg

Somebody loves bubbles!

Kansas City Family Photographer-TheJ's-Aug_2119.jpg
Kansas City Family Photographer-TheJ's-Aug_2126.jpg