Iconic Loose Park in Kansas City Engagement Photos // Laken + Jake

They met in high school, and the joke is that Jake drifted into Laken’s friend group only because Laken had cute friends. It didn’t take him too long to realize though, that out of all the cute girls, Laken was not only the cutest, but the best, and the most perfect one for him. In December of 2012 they became an official “thing”.

That official status happened on the brink of their senior year in high school, and both realized that was probably not the most ideal time to begin a relationship — college on the horizon and all. So, you guessed it, a long distance relationship came next and though those can be super hard and tricky to navigate, Laken and Jake made it work like champs. Many road trips between Missouri and Oklahoma until finally college graduation came to pass, and they both accepted jobs back in the Kansas City area and could finally also reunite in the same city!

On a trip to Chicago, after 6 years of dating, Jake said to Laken - “Would you like to continue this trip as my girlfriend or as my fiancee?”, promptly getting down on one knee to ask her to marry him. Naturally, for a girl who’s dreamed about her wedding day since she was a little girl and now had the guy of her dreams on one knee in front of her - Laken said yes!

These two absolutely kill me with their cuteness and their JOY — it’s practically tangible! SO very excited for their upcoming wedding!!