Ice Cream Shop and Colorful Greenhouse Engagement Photos // Kennedy + Dillon

It’s those memorable high school days, a dance, and Dillon here asked Kennedy to dance with him. Soon after that dance began, Dillon said he wanted to stop because it was “awkward” — funny how you can feel one way and soon after feel completely different. Like all the dances you’ll ever have for the rest of your life, you know exactly who you want them to be with. And for Dillon, it was that same girl, Kennedy. No more awkwardness!

And on a hike in the Grand Bluffs of Missouri…Dillon asked a question to seal the deal of ensuring all those future dances would be together.

From laughing and sharing sweet sundaes and ice cream cones, to cuddling in a greenhouse full of colorful flowers, Kennedy and Dillon basically couldn't be cuter if they tried!