Heritage Park Engagement Session | Katie & Derek

Katie had been looking for a new church home to get involved with, and she just so happened to visit the very church Derek belonged to. My guess is - it didn't take either of them too long to notice each other. The young adult community within the church allowed them to get know one another a little bit  better. And before long, they both realized how incredibly blessed they had been, to be in the same place, at the same time. 

The day Derek proposed began as a completely normal day - by watching Jurassic Park together. Or as Katie called it - "A day that no girl would think she's getting engaged".
Derek took Katie to Kaw Point later on, maybe here he thought, - but that area was a bit underwhelming. They planned to go down to the River Market for dinner, and had walked out on a bridge to overlook the river. Maybe here he thought! But there was a 5K race in progress. Katie suggested they go to IKEA, since for her - this day was still completely normal, nothing major happening.  But to Derek, he knew of a hidden sparkly detail which would make that day, and all the mundane events it held - extra special. 

Toward the end of this extra special day, when Katie thought they were on their way back to her apartment, Derek suggested a pit-stop. Heritage Park. A place they go fairly often for walks and such; - though on this day, and at this time in the evening, Katie couldn't understand why. The sun had already begun to set, but Derek led her out near that silo on Blackbob Island that is now so special to them both, and just as the sunset was finishing up its beauty - Derek went to one knee. 

Something tells me these two have been laughing and loving together ever since, because that seems to be all they do now! Katie and Derek have something so so so special, something that just can't be explained, but when you're around them - you see it, you practically feel it. Absolutely, head-over-heels, adoring each other, giggle all day long kind of LOVE. That's what these two have. And it's soooo great to be around, and even better to photograph!

Doing their engagement session at Heritage Park - where their proposal happened, was so great to do, and I'm so glad we were able to! The day might have been overcast, and there might not have been a gorgeous sunset like they had the day Katie said YES - But that didn't phase these two, not in the slightest. So much love, so much happy. 

K&D - Thank you guys SO much for making me the lucky photographer who gets to document your love! It's incredible, and I'm so blessed to be in the presence of it! I can't wait for your wedding day, and am certain the amount of love it will hold will be bursting at the seams! 

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