Happy Wedding Anniversary to Sammie + Austin!!

Today is the first wedding anniversary for the oh-so-cute Sammie and Austin!! Oh man you guys, I so remember when I first met these two - I couldn't believe my luck! Two people SO happy, SO cute, and SO sweet! 

These two pulled together an incredible wedding day! With so many perfect details and touches that made for one heck of a unique wedding. So much from their day went down as "favorites" of mine! From florals, to decor, to the special moments - fave, fave, fave. 

Their ceremony ended up being a bit of a hot one - outdoor at the always gorgeous, Deer Creek Golf Club - but it was every bit worth every bead of sweat!! Just wait til you see the flowers Sammie had decked across the arbor!!

Before their ceremony began though - these two lovebirds chose to see one another, and oh my goodness. That first look moment went down as one of my FAVORITE first looks in my entire career - and to this day it still holds that same spot!! There was SO.MUCH.HAPPY in that moment that I pretty much held my shutter down the entire time. Just look! - 


This photo hangs in my office as we speak!! The JOY in this frame makes my heart flutter!


Sammie did an amazing job choosing her florals - just look at that gorgeousness! 


Sammie's bouquet also goes down in history for me - favorite bouquet to date you guys!! ALL THE HEART EYES!!


It would be an absolute shame for you to miss seeing the crazy-perfect reception decoration!! If I start sharing those images again, this will quickly turn into a massive post - so instead, I invite you to follow the first link below to see their whole day and check out the Pinterest-award-worthy reception details+decoration that Sammie put together!!

And lastly - HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to Sammie + Austin! Soooo many more are ahead of you two lovelies!! 

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