Coloradooo - Part 2 | b&w travel

Part two of our trip to Colorado was spent with my lovely sister-in-law, Kels! Full of exploring and hiking! The hiking part of things is where I spent the majority of my own personal time - sucking air. That altitude is no joke!! 

Both Saturday and Sunday we three headed to the Evergreen area for some moderate-level hikes, and though Evergreen is only a smidge over 7,000 feet - I was still dying. Absolutely dying. Armed with my camera, I used that to my advantage. Several stops along the trail heads to take photos....aka: catch my breath. 

So many times during our hikes we three just had to stop, be silent, and take it all in. The sound of the wind blowing through the pines is truly a God-given sound that is worth stopping for and truly appreciating. We even were lucky enough to hear eagles! It was magical!!

This post is dedicated to the hiking good-times had by all at Maxwell Falls, and Elk Meadow! :)
Oh and sorry Kels... You were leading the way a lot... so you're the subject of many photos! Ha!

Colorado - Maxwell Falls_0049.jpg
Colorado - Maxwell Falls_0055.jpg

Alright Kels, onward it is!