Early Spring Engagement Photography in Kansas City // Allyson + Blake

All Allyson knew of that fun trip to Nashville was that Blake had a fun evening planned for them, involving a big dinner - which she was so looking forward to. A day of light-bites in preparation for their big yummy dinner, Allyson was baffled when a limo picked them up. That limo ride took them to see the Nashville city skyline, in all its beauty — and after a few stops and sight-seeing locations, the limo driver (who was in the know!) let them out and said she would come back round for them in a few minutes. She gave them their space, and off Blake and Allyson went hand in hand to get a final look at the beautiful skyline.

By this point, Allyson jokes that she was starving to death and pretty focused only her level of hangry — a pretty tricky and risky time to propose to your girl, but Blake was up for the challenge. There underneath that skyline he went down to one knee and asked Allyson to be his wife!

Celebrating ensued, and so did a hunt for dinner — since the whole “big dinner” and reservations for such never actually existed, ha.

These two are ridiculous amounts of fun to be around, and I can’t wait for their wedding day!