Camera Strap or No Camera Strap | Tips for Photographers


Remember when I wrote that post about how I for one photographer, am against leather camera bags? And I started off stating how it seems, to me at least, that the "cool thing" these days for photographers is to carry a leather camera bag? Yeah, so, news flash - I feel the exact same way when it comes to whether or not we use a camera strap.

Just look around at some of the top big names.... Jasmine Star, Katelyn James at probably the highest level - two gals who do not use a camera strap for their cameras. 

And, admittedly, just like with that dang leather camera bag situation, I fell into the trap of "Ohhh ho ho to look legit, I shouldn't use a camera strap!!" 

But, the truth is, that isn't why I stopped using one. 

So, why did I stop using a camera strap originally? 

Because I wasn't actually using it. The strap was attached to my camera but I very rarely actually put it around my neck, or carelessly flung it on my shoulder. Back in the day (that made me sound ridiculously old, what I mean is, a couple of years ago) I kept noticing that I had a strap attached to my camera, but never used it. I kept telling myself that I should just take it off, but I felt like that would be wrong to do. What if I DO need it one day? What if I end up WISHING I had it on there in the middle of a 10-hour wedding? What if!?? 

Then, something happened that made me take the strap off of my camera immediately. 

Before I tell you the story, let's first point out that it happened at home, and praise the Lord because I probably would've lost a lot more hair had it happened on a wedding day. I was snatching up my camera, with the strap dangling down toward the floor as usual, and when snatching-motion occurred, that dang strap snagged on the edge of a table, and yanked my camera out of my hands. Excellent. I'm not sure what happened next, all I can tell you is my cat-like reflexes surprised even me, and I somehow folded my body in such a way of half on my knees, half hunched forward - and I caught my camera against my legs as it hit the floor. That sounded really confusing when I read it back to myself - but basically, it hit the floor AND ME, and hitting me helped cushion the blow that it would have experienced had it hit the floor directly. 

Needless to say, that one time occurrence scared the crap out of me, and because of it - the strap was promptly removed. 

Then came the learning curve: How to effectively shoot all sessions, AND all wedding days by physically carrying my camera in my own hands at all times, not really being able to sit it down/let it hang, anddddd switches lens with no insurance of the strap making sure I don't drop the camera. 

It was intimidating, I'm not going to lie to you. But I mastered it. Scared the blazes out of my husband, but I mastered it!! 

This is how I rolled for well over a year, and then one day things changed, again. 

Why did I decide to add a strap back on my camera??

Because after a years-time of not using one, I realized my hands were cramping up way more often. I realized that the day after a wedding, my right hand felt like I had stupidly tried and succeeded in catching a fastball at a baseball game, gloveless. And because though I "felt cool" not using one, I realized it soooo wasn't worth it. 

These days, I'm in full support of using a camera strap! Actually using it! I don't mean letting it hang down at all!

When I decided to add one back to my gear, I upgraded to a Fotostrap - and that my friends, was a very excellent decision! Those guys really have camera straps figured out - Snazzy designs, a veryyy comfortable neck support pad, and great support of your camera too! 

These days, the strap doesn't just hang down awaiting to snag on any table or drawer-handle or chair, nope, the camera strap is used y'all. The ability to take the pressure off of my hands is gold. The extra insurance of my camera having the support of the strap when I need to switch a lens is perfection. Andddd it doesn't hurt that my strap of choice is totally branded to ELP!

Want to know the full details about my Fotostrap brand camera strap and hear my full review of it!? Read that here!