Anniversary Photo Session at Loose Park | Don + Julie

Julie and Don were busy with school, attending Iowa State University. The year was 1973, - October of '73 to be exact. It was during that cozy Fall when a mutual friend had a genius idea to set these two up on a blind date. 

And just like that, the date was set. October 12, 1973. They saw the movie Paper Moon, and afterwards got dinner at a local Pizza Hut. The conversation flowed so effortlessly all evening as D+J realized they had grown up in neighboring towns that bordered the Mississippi River - no more than 5 miles apart. Their Dad's had worked at the same company, and their grandparents had even known one another! What a small and beautiful world it can be! 

Over that shared sausage and mushroom pizza - Don had a big moment of embarrassment when he nearly choked to death over powdered parmesan cheese. A story that to this day, these two lovebirds like to giggle about. 

More dates in their future - with less choking incidents - led to realizing they had a lot of shared interests and hopes and dreams for the future, and also led to the blinding realization that they were falling in love with one another. 

Exactly a year and a half after that first date, on April 12 of 1975 - these two were married in a small Methodist Church near their hometowns. And they began their life together as husband and wife. Six years into that wonderful marriage, they welcomed a son. And that boy you guys? His name is Wes. And he just so happens to be my incredible husband. (Here's the part of the story where I really get choked up!). D+J raised that boy into something so special, and so wonderful! Four years later, they welcomed in a baby girl - just as Wes had hoped for, a little sister named Kelsey. And once again, they raised another special and wonderful person who is now my sis-in-law! 

Life with Don + Julie in it couldn't be more perfect - maybe if I could have known them sooner, that would be better?? They are two of the most caring and loving individuals I've ever known. They love their family with everything they have, and care so much about all of us. They're also SO much fun to be around - I gained not only inlaws, but friends - how many people can truly say that!? Don and Julie are funny and warm, adventurous and kind. It's a jackpot of life to have these two as family. 

When Don told me he wanted to surprise Julie with an anniversary photo session, I was elated. I'm so obsessed with their precious little love story, and just the love they exude as a couple, I knew photographing them and sharing their story would be the best. And......I was right! ;) 

43 years together and counting - These two precious people are doing it right!!