A Thompson Barn Wedding Day in Kansas | Jessica + Rachel

Their big and supportive wedding party watched on as Jessica and Rachel stood about eight feet from one another in the front yard of the gorgeous house at Thompson Barn. Their eyes were closed. Neither could stop grinning. The wind blew through their hair, and they just waited. Standing there knowing in just a few seconds, they'd open their eyes and see each other for the first time on this day. 

When the countdown was done, and their eyes popped open, their wedding party filled the silence with the sounds that neither Jessica or Rachel themselves could make. That gasp. That gasp that sends goosebumps across your entire body, the one that makes tears well up in your eyes. Time completely stood still. Both Jessica and Rachel were completely in awe of one another.

These two tied the knot on Cinco de Mayo, and spent that whole day in awe of one another....what Jessica and Rachel share is unmatched, and I think that "awe"....is going to last a lifetime. 

The amazing team behind this perfect day!

Ceremony + Reception Venue | Thompson Barn
Cake | Cakes by Becca Boo + Baked by Bre
DJ | Complete
Bridal Gown | J. Lynn Bridal and Natalie M. Bridal
Bridesmaids Attire | Etsy


Photography | Elizabeth Ladean Photography | Instagram | Facebook

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