A Snowy Winter Wonderland Wedding Day | Jessica & Jeff

He walked his first born daughter down the aisle of the church, while outside - snow fell all around. He reached the altar, and there he paused, microphone in hand, with a story he wanted to be sure everyone heard.

He told the story of the day Jess was born. How for years, him and her mother had been told they wouldn't be able to have children. So when Jess surprisingly came along it was a sure fire God-given gift...but those first few weeks were touch and go. Lots of time in the hospital.

He spoke about how he walked those hospital halls, holding his first born baby girl, and praying. Praying for her healing. Praying for her life. And praying for the man that would one day come along and make her his wife.

He explained how Jeff was exactly what he had prayed for, what he hoped his baby girl would find, and yet - so much more.

And then he prayed once again, but this time, for Jess + Jeff, as they vowed their vows and began this beautiful life together.

Not a dry eye could be found in that holy space.

Grandma flower girls is easily one of the cutest things I've ever seen!