A Kansas University Love Story | Rachel + Jake

Their paths used to cross on this very college campus... All the steps they took in between classrooms, tests, lunch breaks, visits with friends and more...hundreds of steps on these grounds led them, unknowingly, straight to one another. 

It seemed only fitting to return to this location to celebrate Rachel and Jake's engagement, and to remember those early days when eye contact was all there was. There she is again, Jake would think to himself....that girl. Ohh that girl. The one who he'd eventually take out on a date, the one he'd fall hard for, and her to him all the same...and the one that he'd one day, ask to marry him. 

This old world always works in the most mysterious ways, and you just never know when your paths will cross with your person - for these two lovebirds, it started on the campus of their beloved Kansas University, and now it has grown into something so amazing!