Blogging | A blogpost about blogging!

Okay friends, it's time to get serious. I've been running this little online home and this photography business of mine since the end of 2013. It's been amazing, tough, inspiring, humbling. Plus about a thousand other feeling-words. I've hustled and I've laid low. There have been plenty of times of going ten million miles per minute, and times of lay-on-the-floor procrastination. You do what you gotta do. 

So in the spirit of "doing what you gotta do" - 'tis time to take on a new adventure. 
I've heard it said over and over and over, (like all jokes aside, if I hear it one.more.time.) that when it comes to having an online presence, CONTENT AND CONSISTENCY ARE KEY ELEMENTS. Blog often, blog consistently, blog blog blog, and blog some more. 

Blogging is no joke you guys. It's not just as simple as showing off pretty photos, though I do like to do that crap, like lovelyyyy wedding days and epic engagement sessions, and cutesy families. And while I'll most definitely keep up with all those types of posts, I'm officially kicking off the beginning of OTHER types of blogposts. Cue that fanfare! 

There's going to be some photography related topics - like sharing what's in my bag, offering my opinions on gear, equipment, camera bags + more. What's the best and worst advice I've been given as a business owner. What are some lessons I've learned with running a business. Posts about my own personal advice to brides, tips for planning for your engagement session, and your wedding day.

There's also going to be some random ELP posts, because everybody loves random crap, right!? Posts such as a tour of my home office (if I ever get it done, I mean for real). How I keep myself and my business organized. Maybe even some super old and embarrassing photography....

Also! How about some more personal posts?? Like... Who wants to hear my own proposal story? Or the story of my baby cat, Noah!? Oh and some DIY/craft projects, some insider information on the girl behind the camera!? Oh yeah. It's all coming. 

I LOVE when clients show up to meetings and quote something completely random about my business owner life, or my personal life as I sit there wondering how they knew, only to realize, they read it on my blog! So yeah, more of those types of posts are in order, and I'm looking forward to having more ways for my clients to get to know me even better! Oh, and trust me, it'll get crazy and random on here real quick. You've been warned. 

So why this post you might be wondering? Why blog just to say "I'm going to be blogging more" ?? Remember when I said that blogging is no joke? This post is to help hold me accountable you guys. I'm nervous as HECK about this new adventure. It's a little nerve-racking to put yourself out there so openly, to share so much, to be so vulnerable. Vulnerability is nottttt a fun time. There's also the ever-increasing fear of putting all this time and effort into this undertaking, only to have NO ONE read a single thing I write. But, I know I need to do this. I need to be a good content and consistent blogger to take everything to a new and exciting level!

I'd LIKE to blog at your faces once to twice a week. That's the current "goal". And I might not always meet that goal, but that's okay! - the point is I will be doing MY BEST! I have a running list of blogging ideas, and trustttt me - I've already borderline hyperventilated more than once over the fear of WHAT IF I BLOW THROUGH THAT LIST AND CAN'T THINK OF ANYTHING ELSE. The struggle is real. 

No time like the present of course, and though the first day of Spring happened like a month ago, SPRINGTIME - a time of new and fresh beginnings and all those other inspiring feelings that Spring brings in its arsenal, make me feel like NOW is a great time to dive head first into this new and fresh beginning. So for real, cue the fanfare, throw some confetti, do something, cause here we go.... 

And hey! I'd LOVE to know! - Out of all the hints at upcoming posts I just laid out, which are YOU most excited for!?