New Business Opening! | Blog Kick-Off

A photography business venture of my own, it's been a long time coming!
For years this was just a hobby, and I never pushed it toward anything more than that. For a few more years after that through the twists and turns of life, it wasn't possible to open this business. But now, it is my turn. 

I hope this blog will be updated frequently, and visited by others even more often than that!
I promise to blog openly, to share not just images, but also stories, experiences and everything in between. 

For the long list of wonderful people in my life who have supported this dream - Thank You.
A beginning can start anywhere, and this is mine. 
To kick off this blog, some of my dearest & best of friends volunteered to my "guinea pigs" Meet my best friends Kim & Isaac, and their way-too-cute-for-words kiddo, Cole. 

Kim, Isaac & Cole - Thank you guys for your amazing support, and for always agreeing to be guinea pigs when I need to practice my photo-skills. You guys are the best.