my approach and philosophy



I will never make you smile and say cheese.

In fact, I'll only have you smile at the camera a handful of times....and let's just be real, I'm only doing that for your grandma. Your engagement photos and your wedding photos are about you guys, your love, your relationship, and your joy. 

I like to keep things simple, and fun, and save my shutter clicks for those natural moments that happen as I ask you guys to do things like bear-hug in the woods. I pack an arsenal of awesome camera equipment (duh), corny jokes, bubbly energy, lots of encouragement, and some solid prompts that might make you feel silly in the moment, but will ultimately result in images that look completely natural and absolutely authentic. 

I get to know my couples, so that I can create a fun experience for you and tell your story in the most honest way possible. It's incredibly important to me that our time together be a million times more than just a business transaction. Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, I can't just be a vendor who shows up and follows you around with a camera!

At our initial in-person meeting, firstly, I'm gonna wanna see pics of your pets, let's just be honest. Secondly, I'm gonna wanna hear how you guys met, how you fell in love, and allllll the details on the proposal and wedding day plans!!

When I arrive on your wedding day, we gotta hug! I want to hear how excited you are that your day has finally arrived! And before your day is over, you just might catch me wiping a tear or two, and you'll definitely catch me hugging your mama. 

You guyssss, we're going to have some fun!


With being first and foremost a wedding photographer, the number of various portrait sessions I take on per year is limited, but I still do them! And they are all handled in the exact same fashion - no cheesin' for the camera, lots of laughter, real moments not stiff poses, and me right there with you guiding and encouraging you the whole time!

We'll have fun - and you'll walk away feeling like you completely nailed your session....and you totally will have!





Coffee date!

After your initial inquiry, we get
together and get to know one another


Make it official!

We are a match made in heaven! We'll make things official with a signed contract and retainer.


Engagement session!

We'll choose the perfect location for your session - I'll help you prepare with tips on what to expect, outfit choices, and reminding you that the only expectation is to have fun with it!


Engagement images!

Your pretty little images are delivered!
At that time, it'll be all about enjoying those together, or that + choosing which ones you'd like for your engagement album! 



Wedding day details!

We'll chat throughout the wedding planning process - I'm here to help! Around the 4-month mark, we'll talk timing, and I'll create a custom photo timeline that helps your day run smoothly!


You tie the knot!

Your wedding arrives, and it's the best day ever! Your wedding is documented in a storytelling way, and it'll be your best story yet!!


Wedding images!

Your gorgeous wedding gallery is delivered! You are set for life to relive those special moments any time you want! If you chose a wedding collection that includes a wedding album - you'll select your favorites, and I'll design a custom album for you. 


Start making memories!

After our time together comes to a close - you have lovely images that tell your story, albums that beautifully chronicle every happy moment - it'll be time to share a bittersweet goodbye. I'll beg you to keep in touch, hope that you do, and you guys will go start making memories as newlyweds!


Sounds like a solid plan, huh?