From the first initial contact to the wedding day or lifestyle session together - I strive to create a joyful and memorable experience for all of my clients. My goal is to make the overall experience unique to each person, because every person and every moment is unique.

I am first and foremost a natural light photographer - flashing you is not my fave. That said, I'll always aim our time together during the best light of the day. And trust me, you'll be happy I did! 

For all of those lifestyle and portrait sessions, whether it be a new baby, an anniversary, a family of three, four, five or more - My plan is always the same. We arrive, and we have fun together. I'll do my best to make sure you and your family, or you and your spouse are comfortable - I'll give you lots of direction, and encouragement. We'll laugh together a whole bunch. You'll walk away saying "I think we nailed that!" - and you absolutely will have! 

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and for that reason, my goal is always to be more than just a vendor who shows up and follows you around with a camera. I aim to really get to know my couples - from our first meeting, to the engagement session, to the wedding day. I want to know how you guys met, the story of falling in love, and the deets on the proposal. During your engagement session we'll really have fun together - and I'll learn how comfortable you are in front of my camera. Again with lots of direction and encouragement, unless you are just a complete natural! My goal is to produce giddiness - you guys just be in love together and I'll document it all. 

On the big day, I love to show up as your photographer+friend, let's hug and you tell me how excited you are that your day is here! For the love of natural light, I might move items to better lighting, or ask you to have your dress zipped by a window. But overall, I'll work quietly and capture details and authentic moments as the day unfolds. During your ceremony my position is a curious mouse - quiet yet capturing curiously. (Did you just imagine a mouse with a camera?) During your romantic portraits, wedding party and family formals - I go back into direction and encouragement mode, oh and lots of laughing - we're going to laugh a lot together. By the time the reception rolls around my goal is to just unobtrusively document that emotional and celebratory time as an onlooker. You might catch me hugging your Grandma, or getting choked up behind my camera during toasts. Let's keep it real you guys! I love feelings!!

Ultimately, I believe that photography is more than just you being in front of my camera - it's about us getting to know each other, talking and laughing, finding common ground and building a relationship. I truly love meeting new people and learning about their story. And I'd love to meet you, and learn yours, I'm certain we will have so much fun together! 

If you think we'd be a great fit - please head on over to the contact page, and let's chat!!