+ What gear do you use?

  • I shoot with all Canon equipment, including an array of prime lenses. What are prime lenses? The best of the best in my opinion!

+ Where are you located, do you travel?

  • I'm located in the Northland area of Kansas City, Missouri. And yes, I love to travel!

+ Do you have a studio?

  • No, I do not!

+ Do you have suggestions on where we should do our session?

  • Definitely, yes! The good news is that Kansas City and surrounding areas have endless options! I have several spots I can suggest - though I love when you have ideas, too!

+ When will I get to see my images?

  • For all sessions and weddings alike, I utilize social media like Facebook, and Instagram to post sneak peeks soon after our time together. Final image collections are delivered in approximately 6 weeks for weddings, and in approximately 3 weeks for everything else.

+ Can I have or see the unedited, or RAW files?

  • It is part of my job to sort through and pick the very best of the best with your images! Any images that don't make the final cut are not edited, saved, or delivered. At no time are those, or any RAW files available for viewing!

+ How many wedding collections do you offer?

  • I currently have 3 different options for your wedding day!

+ Do we have to do an engagement session?

  • You certainly don't have to, but I strongly suggest you take advantage of the complimentary engagement session I include in all of my wedding collections! It is there for a reason! That time together allows us to get to know one another better. It helps you guys to grow comfortable in front of my camera. It helps me to understand how much, or how little direction you guys need. Plus, bonus! - You'll end up with a gorgeous variety of images!

+ Do you shoot more than one event on my wedding day?

  • Absolutely not! Your wedding day is all about you guys and I want to devote all of my energy and creativity to you!

+ Do you, or will you work from a shot-list on my wedding day?

  • I pride myself on being a wedding photographer who documents real moments - in the moment. Working from a shot list is a guarantee that while I'm busy consulting a shot-list, real moments will be missed. We work together to create a list for your family portraits only, but outside of that, no lists please!

+ How much time should I set aside on my wedding day for portraits of just me and my groom?

  • These are the images that you will hang on your walls! That being said, these images are hands down one of the most important parts of your day! My tip is to allow as much time as possible, with a minimum of 30-45 minutes.