just a few faq's



1. Where are you located? Do you travel?
-  I'm located in the Northland of Kansas City, Missouri. And yes, I love to travel!

2. Do you have a studio?
- No, I do not! 

3. Do you have suggestions on where we should do our session?
- Definitely, yes! The good news here is that Kansas City and surrounding areas have endless options! I have several spots I can suggest - though I love when you have ideas, too! Ideally, we find a location that makes you happy! A location that suits your style (city+urban or country+fields), and a spot that you feel comfortable in!

4. Can I bring props to our session?
- Yes! Fun and unique props always add a different element to a session.

5. What do I wear for photos?
- I can pretty much answer this question in one word only, "Pinterest". Ha! All jokes aside - Pinterest truly offers a lot of ideas for clothing and color combinations! Sometimes clients txt me photos of outfits and ask my opinion, and I love that! If you wanted to do the same, you are certainly welcome!!

6. When will I get to see my pictures?
- For all sessions and weddings alike, I utilize my Facebook business page, and Instagram account to post sneak peeks, and typically those are up for you within 3 days after. Final image collections for lifestyle and portrait sessions are delivered in approximately 3 weeks. For weddings, final image collections are delivered in approximately 6 weeks.

7. Can I have my unedited and/or RAW files?
- No, I do not release my unedited or RAW files at any time. Sorry!

8. Can I have ALL my finished images in both color and black+white?
- Unfortunately, not every image looks great in b+w - trust me! Your final image collection will include some b+w versions along with their color versions as well, but please note those were chosen for a reason, and others were not!

9. How many wedding collections do you offer?
- I currently have 3 different options for your wedding day. A simple, a middle ground, and one with some extra bells and whistles! Please contact me for complete collection information!

10. Are your wedding collections adjustable?
- Everything within the collections are simply just what they come with - Yay for awesome stuff and easy decisions!!

11. Do we have to do an engagement session?
- I strongly encourage you to! Engagement sessions are included complimentary in all 3 of my wedding collections because I feel they are very important! That time together allows us to get to know one another. It helps you guys to grow comfortable in front of my camera. And, it helps me to understand how much, or how little direction you guys need. Plus, bonus! - You'll end up with a gorgeous variety of images that can be used for so many things! Yay!

12. Do you shoot more than one event on my wedding day?
- Absolutely not! Your wedding day is all about you guys and I want to devote all of my energy and all of my creativity to you!

13. Do you, or will you work from a shot-list on my wedding day?
- No, I do not work off of shot lists, with the exception of family portraits! Every wedding is different, and it is my job to document what makes them unique, and most importantly - to do so in an organic way. I shoot as things happen naturally! So if my nose is stuck to a paper telling me what to shoot, it is a guarantee something completely natural will end up getting missed! Sometimes brides have very specific items that are important to them - things I simply would not know about. In those cases, I do ask that I'm told in advance that a photo of this or that is important. Otherwise, no lists please!

14. How much time should I set aside on my wedding day for portraits of just me and my groom?
- These are the images that you will hang on your walls! That being said, they are hands down one of the most important parts of the day! My tip to you is to allow for as much time as possible to ensure you have a beautiful collection with a wide range of variety. I recommend a minimum of 30-45 minutes.

15. I'm torn between hiring a professional, or simply having my friend/family member who has a very nice camera shoot my wedding...What do you think?
- This is a tough one, but can be answered easily with a funny saying I read once. When you go into a super nice restaurant and the food is just incredible - Do you think that amazing meal is the result of "a very nice oven"......or the chef. Obviously the oven is purely the tool in which the master uses to create something amazing, and that same answer is true for professional photographers and their cameras.

Have other questions? Please contact me!