ELP on Snapchat!!

Guys I've decided to take on another avenue in the way of social media, and connecting with you awesome people!! 

Introducing >> ELP ON SNAPCHAT! *cue the Rocky music*

No joke, I avoided Snapchat for over a year. I vowed to never, ever, hop on that bandwagon. When I finally did - at the urging of first, my friend Kim, and then, my dear husband Wes - I initially thought, "yeah, I'm never going to use this." Then one evening walking into Target, the sunset was simply gorgeous, and I thought hey I can show this to my people, and I won't have to go back and delete the photo from my phone later - because it's a one and done, disappearing photo! YES! Shortly thereafter, I grew an appreciation for Snapchat!

And while I do most definitely use it primarily for A: Photos of Noah. B: Random cat sightings. C: Whatever delicious thing I'm currently eating - it definitely gets used, and I really do enjoy it! 

Recently I read an article about PHOTOGRAPHERS using Snapchat, and how the use of this was really genius as it allows photographers to show others their lives BEHIND THE SCENES. I don't know about you, but as both a photographer and a regular gal, I get super pumped over the idea of seeing any professional behind the scenes. What's their life like? What are they up to on a random Wednesday afternoon? What if I could see a photographer AS their shooting something? It would be like..... LIKE I WAS WITH THEM. It's exciting stuff, y'all!

SO! With all that being said, I decided I'd start incorporating the "My Story" section of my Snapchat for you guys!! It's going to be fun! Trust me, I know some stuff. 

Here is a not so complete list of what you can expect:
1. Behind the scenes!! - Editing. Shooting. Exploring. Location scouting. Wedding day stuff. 
2. Noah. Lots of Noah. 
3. Random cat sightings. 
4. Office related stuff. 
5. Outtakes and epic fails of varying types.
6. Random day to day stuff. 

I mean, the list could really go on - this could really get interesting! 

I can't promise I'll update it every single day, but I'll do my best! If you want to join in on the fun, and see what the life is like behind the scenes for a photographer (ie: ME! hehe) open up your Snapchat and add me as your friend to follow along! - Username: elizabethladean


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