the girl behind the camera



I wanted to be an actress....or a photographer.

My acting career comes in the form of movie+tv show quotes and fake accents, photography however, is the ultimate best job ever. It started at a young age, with a purple Mickey Mouse camera (while constantly quoting lines from Casper, of course).

Originally from a tiny dot on a map in the foothills of North Carolina, I'm the small town girl who loves the feel of the city, the skyline, the noise, but also the same girl who will never tire of small town folk, country roads, and open fields. 

I'm random and quirky, sometimes mistaken as shy. An extroverted introvert. An INFJ. And I have a slight tendency toward awkwardness. I love to read and explore. I love music. I get choked up easily. I tend to get excited over everything. And I love animals, especially cats!

Basically if you're quirky, laugh easily, love cats, and have a streak of awkwardness - we're probably going to be best friends.





I absolutely love love love onions.


My southern accent is fading, but I still say "y'all" on the regular.


In my opinion, chips + salsa are a whole meal.


I cry at the end of almost every book I read. (sap alert!)


Sarcasm is my love language.


there's just something about the letter C
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